July 2020 Newsletter

Hello There,

Hope you are well and staying healthy in these trying and claustrophobic times. Around here stasis, and even entropy have set in, as the protracted waiting and isolation sees the walls grow a crust, and stalagmites perceptibly wind their way down from the ceiling, millimeter by millimeter. Nevertheless, joy is in the air! Though numerous Swans tours have been either cancelled or postponed, and the future remains uncertain, we have devised a few ways to keep things interesting and solvent until something opens up again and we can get back to making music. 

- Inevitably, we've made some Swans Covid masks, and they're available here. One is black with the white teeth from the album, Filth. The other is grey, with white letters, helpfully declaring the civic-minded statement: "You Fucking People Make Me Sick". Enjoy! is offering everything at the site at a 20% discount (the masks excepted and the DVD mentioned below excepted) from July 24 through August 31. Just enter the discount code "Minus Something" during check out. In addition, the 2XCD of my personal  favorite Swans album of the 4 albums made between 2010 - 2016, The Glowing Man, is available for only  $5. Due to the usual ludicrous optimism, we made far too many of these, and this is a good opportunity for them to find a home. Because of the extended song lengths (in some cases unable to fit on a side of vinyl), this is my preferred format, and the packaging is excellent. If you're interested or would like to gift it to a friend, here's the link:

- We have decided to make the DVD of Marco Porsia's comprehensive Swans documentary "Where Does a Body End?" available at This is available for Pre-Order now. This is not a Swans or Young God Records release - it's Marco's film - but obviously it makes sense to make it available for Swans aficionados through YGR. It's impossible for me to tell, since watching myself talk and perform on a video incites instant vertigo, but I hear it's an excellent and entertaining document. Here's a link:

- We're working on the re-issue of the 1987 Swans 2XVinyl album, Children of God, for release in late Fall of this year. The 2XVinyl will come with a download card for the contemporaneous Feel Good Now live album, and a special 2XCD package will feature both albums. In both cases the music has been painstakingly remastered. 

OK. That's all for now. Hope to see you on the other side of this calamity!

All Best,
Michael Gira/Young God Records.