November 2,3,4 final shows together, at Warsaw, in Brooklyn

On November 2,3,4 the heroic (to us, anyway!) line up of Swans, comprised of Norman Westberg, Michael Gira, Christoph Hahn, Phil Puleo, Christopher Pravdica, Paul Wallfisch, and Thor Harris (Thor will be rejoining us for a few songs) will play our final shows together, at Warsaw, in Brooklyn. That's it. No more performances from this group, ever. Our love for each other surpasses all spiritual, aesthetic, and legal boundaries. It's been about 8 years since we first broke bread and incessantly tested each others patience together in a damp Brooklyn basement, but enough is enough. Following this, I will be rethinking Swans completely. I will continue to make music using the name Swans, with a revolving cast of contributors (and with their kind permission, the above sonic titans will also participate, as their schedules, stomachs, and whimsy allow), but as a fixed group, this, the longest consistent line up of Swans, will be finished. As of November 4 we will have thoroughly devoured each others faces, and little flesh will remain clinging to our brittle bones. And yes, we will be performing these last 3 acts of psychic pugilism wearing pink tutus and black facial polka dots... We will be joined by our honored guests Carla Bozulich, Anna von Hausswolff, and Adult., respectively. Here is what I recently wrote about these esteemed avatars of God's secret sounds: 

Carla is a wrenching and emotionally devastating singer and performer. She’s a survivor, is fierce and fearsome and alluring, and she is a Phoenix. Some time ago we were privileged to tour with Carla and it was great seeing her work it out each night - an absolute dynamo. She’s had a restless and courageous career, having done everything from a beautiful rendition of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger album to many exquisitely tortured expressionist noise-scapes, and beyond. She is a Class A singer. If you don’t know her work, avail yourself to its mysteries now.…
Anna is a Swedish singer and organist of immense talent and she is a true artist. What a voice. She’s unapologetic and uncompromising, and at quite a young age (from my vantage point, anyway!), she is already forging her own distinct path. With the natural gift of her voice she could easily venture into more commercial terrain, but instead she’s stubbornly constructing a distinct and individual sonic world, fearlessly following the dictates of her imagination, and I applaud her for that. We toured Europe with Anna quite recently and I left the experience wanting more. I look forward to seeing her perform again. Total respect here for her integrity and talent.…
ADULT. are a problem. A real problem, and I hope they are your problem soon, too. Nicola and Adam are a longstanding Detroit duo wielding considerable caustic wit and skewed and often furious beat onslaughts, all with the laudable goal of putting an eggbeater to your brain. I met them randomly on tour a lifetime ago and soon thereafter devoured their deep catalog of fun. They are also visual artists of considerable perspicuity and I suggest you check out that aspect of them too. I was recently proud to collaborate with them on a few songs for their new album, “Detroit House Guests.” I have no idea what the show here in question will bring. It could be they will perform to the accompaniment of vacuum cleaners (as they’ve recently done), or perhaps something more “musical” will ensue. Either way, Fun, Fun, Fun!… SOLD OUT