Ulan Bator - EGO:ECHO | Review

ROLLING STONE | David Fricke

...a unique and addictive sadness…

The coronary pulse of Can, the spatial trickery of dub reggae, the throbbing gravity of Joy Division: The French trio Ulan Bator build the stark architecture of EGO:ECHO (Young God CD), their US debut, from familiar materials. But the result, produced by grim-rock priest Michael Gira, once of Swans, is a unique and addictive sadness, a profound synthesis of gonglike guitar, medieval despair and the consumptive drama of singer-guitarist Amaury Cambuzant’s rich, low singing. At sixteen minutes, the album’s centerpiece “Let Go Ego,” is a particularly stunning display of Ulan Bator’s black magic. For best effect, turn the lights off before you turn the volume up.