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two extraordinary albums

M. Gira - Drainland
Jarboe - Sacrificial Cake

Let's get one thing straight. These LPs will not be bad. It is impossible for Gira to do anything remotely resembling a failure (apart from his immense song of the same name!). His solo offering should easily be a Swans LP on its own. The spacious almost choral backing is there in force, and the deep, deep vocals brood over the top. Some of the tracks seem to harken back to the more industrial era of Swans, particularly track 3, "I see them all lined up," but this adds variety to what is a huge album. Jarboe's LP is probably more pretty, but weirder. To hear her enchanting voice whisper about gribbly goblins and mushroom men as you fall asleep at night is nothing short of begging for a night of nightmare lunacy. She has moments of pure beauty, "My Buried Child" and pure horror, "The Body Lover." These contrasting emotions all add up in both cases to two extraordinary albums each of matching brilliance. Worth stealing from a friend for.