Davendra Banhart | Oh Me Oh My | Review | Dave Heaton

one of the most unique voices you'll hear

21 year old singer/songwriter Devendra Banhart has one of the most unique voices you'll hear...that is, one of the weirdest voices, a high but gritty, off-kilter, androgynous, wailing, trembling voice that is beautiful and scary. It's hard to take if you're not in the mood for it - as he'll shake you out of your chair when he really gets going - but absolutely transporting if you're ready for it. He sounds like an interplanetary Billie Holliday singing folk songs.. Filled with surrealism, his bizarre songs present a world filled with mystery, one where it's hard to find solid ground or logic. Even when he sings something as seemingly simple as "You certainly are nice people," he shrieks it in a way that makes you wonder what he really means by it. That multiplicity is part of what makes Oh Me Oh fascinating. Banharts' songs are stunning puzzles, music that'll keep you up at night.