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I Swear I Saw Garlic Growing under my Father's Steps

with Rodolphe Burger (F) DJ Olive (USA) Jem Finer (UK) Michael Gira (USA) Andrey Kolomitzev (R) Chris Long (UK) Gerard Malanga (USA) Philippe Poirier (F) & Agnes Ponizil (D)

INTERZONE 007 – mai 2002
Distribution BANG ! (B) &LIMONADE (Fr)

I Swear I Saw Garlic Growing under my Father’s Steps is the ten year old Belgian band’s sixth album release. The band’s personnel have changed with each project. Some interesting collaborations have occurred : Eugene Savitzakaya, Gerard Malanga (Andy Warhol’s assistant at the Factory), Rodolphe Burger & Philippe Poirier (Kat Onoma), DJ Olive (We / Sonic Youth), Michael Gira (Swans / Angels of Light). This international network of artists is a musical project of variable geometry. The eclecticism of the participants has created a hard-to-define yet highly accessible mixed bag of exotic musical styles. The press has described 48 Cameras’ music as: Industrial, psychedelic neo-folk, gothic rock ( ! ), ethnic, Art Rock. Comparisons are often drawn between the work of 48 Cameras & artists as diverse as Swans, Psychic TV, Robert Wyatt, Bill Laswell, Eyeless in Gaza. In 2001, having contributed to previous 48 Cameras albums, English composer / multi-instrumentalist David Coulter (Test Dept, Pogues, Sandy Dillon, Kronos Quartet, etc) offered his services as a virtual member of the group. Coulter has never met the band. Musical elements are exchanged by e-mail, telephone calls & mailed tapes. The same processes apply to the contributions of Michael Gira, Rodolphe Burger & Philippe Poirier. This methodology has led to a kind of domino theory effect creating an ever increasing network of contributors & an ever evolving series of musical accidents. 48 Cameras have never followed a career plan preferring to dwell on the fringes and maintain their outsider approach to the industry. The band has its own modest studio facilities. Here musicians record in an intimate setting, never more than two at a time. Consequently this sixth album took sixteen months to complete. 48 Cameras have their own independent label, Interzone. Future concert performances are under consideration. Previous live events are very few indeed. The band has only ever been seen in public five times before: Paris, Nancy, Brussels (twice) & Liege. Jean Marie Mathoul, the sole survivor of the original line-up, has also recently recorded an album – again by correspondence – with David Coulter & American composer / artist Charlemagne Palestine. This album Maximin is scheduled for Autumn 2002 release on Michael Gira’s own Stateside label Young God Records. And the future beckons… In need of more news ? Visit Contacts via via Bang ! 16/25 rue du Vallon 1210 Bruxelles Belgique – Tel. (0) – Fax (0) – e-mail : & Limonade 61 rue de l'Arcade 75008 Paris France - Tel. 33 1 56 24 40 22 -Fax 33 1 46 33 32 58 - e-mail : or via Interzone - e-mail

Discography of 48 Cameras
Third & Last Imitation of Christ – Besides, 1992
Easter, November & have Year – Besides/Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Acier, 1994
Me, my Youth & has Bass Drum – Big-bang Records, 1996
From Dawn to Dust & Backwards – Besides, 1997
Three Weeks with my Dog – Besides, 1999
I Swear I Saw Garlic Growing under my Father' S Steps – Interzone, 2002
appearances on:
" Three Hours One Week " – Show (Norway) – 1998 (feat. Michael Gira Windy & Carl…)
Gerald Malanga: " Back from the Files " - Sub Rosa, 1999 (feat. Thurston Moore Iggy Pop…)

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