The Body Lovers | Number One of Three | Review

Ink 19 | Drew West

intended to be played as one long nightmare

Powerful. Emotional. Unnerving. These words are almost always used to describe SWANS, but let's not go there. Gira has taken off on the most disturbing soundscapes I've heard to date and the words above apply one hundred percent. It is intended to be played as one long nightmare, but thankfully ten locator points have been dropped in case your spine can't handle it. Best way I can imagine listen to The Body Lovers would be while reading The Consumer by Gira. I wonder if he didn't have this in mind while recording. It is the first of three installments and I've already made my phone calls to make sure I get the next two. If each rolls in around seventy-three minutes, two more will make for the best soundtrack to play at your house on Halloween. Don't buy candy to give to the kiddies. Their parents aren't letting them come to THAT house. Keep it coming Gira, you don't scare me!