Devendra Banhart | OH ME OH MY... | Review

Jerry Blue | posted to Young God Records Discussion Board

This will be a short, uneducated review from a person who has never heard of Banhart before:

So here is a review of the upcoming Devendra Banhart CD coming here October 28th, 2002.

Don't buy it! hahaha! kidding! I had no idea what to expect from this CD. I had no idea who this person is... Listening to it was a complete surprise. I was very happy to get a copy of this CD, and after each track I was curious to hear more and more - to the point of excitement. This has not happened to me while hearing a CD for the first time since my first listen to Acid Mothers Temple. Don't compare the two though.... Devendra is musically blues, folk, rock, etc. His voice is amazing... A strange high voice, not similar - but in the vein of Jimmy Scott with more of a Syd Barret sound.

The music is wonderful, acoustic guitar... The voice is great, etc. What could ruin the CD? - The lyrics, which are also great.

The CD is really great. I even love the production quality. I hope that doesn't change before it's official release (HINT MICHAEL!). The production of the CD I got has a very "home style" quality to it, which is very endearing.

I listen to it now again... The music, the lyrics, the production quality... It is a brilliant CD. I really enjoy it. Probably now my favorite Young God Records release.

-Jerry Blue