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Glass Eye | Jay Harrington

Gira shows once again that he is unafraid to try new things

Everything Is Good Here, Please Come Home (Young God)

This is the third lp from Michael Gira's (ex-Swans) latest project. A departure from the first two primarily acoustic offerings, the tracks on this record start with Gira's guitar and voice but add everything from marimbas to trombones to electronic noise to children's choirs to open tuned lap steel and mandolins. The result is an often hypnotic, somewhat dark, vaguely creepy end product that features guest appearances by a host of Michael's friends, including ex-Cramps guitarist Kid Congo Powers. With this album Gira shows once again that he is unafraid to try new things and let a project take it's own direction. He has said of the record "I can't think of anything less fulfilling than ending up with something that sounded exactly as I planned it from beginning to end.I think it's one of the best things I' ve done." I guess I'd have to agree. There are elements of Tom Waits, Shane McGowan, and Mark Lanegan sprinkled about in here and the overall sound reminds me a bit of Crooked Fingers, but this record is primarily a singular sounding, inspired piece of work.