Devendra Banhart – Oh Me Oh My… LP | MH

is freakishly unique in it's creepy beauty

"A god send, if a bit touched," I think that’s how I might describe Devendra Banhart from hearing Oh Me Oh My. Every song here is a lo-fi guitar and vocals classic, on par with Michelle Shocked’s Campfire Songs -- but no, much, much better.

One of Banhart's talents is his ability to combine off-hand humor with sad, old America guitar work and eerily surreal vocals: "i know nature's beside me when he's inside you/ i feel it too." Yes, bizzare lyrics abound. I found myself asking aloud, "is he kidding?" I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted him to be. All in all, he seems sincere, and so the lyrics appear to be his own organic personal imagery rather than some labored mechanical construct or a simple, dumb joke. In this respect, the album has as much in common with the unfettered intimacy of John Frusciante's Usually Just a T-Shirt as it might appear to have with traditional folky albums. Oh Me Oh My is freakishly unique in it's creepy beauty. Go out and get this record, and don’t share it with anyone.