Devendra Banhart, Rejoicing In The Hands

SF Burning | by Alexander Laurence

A total original

When I first heard some recordings by Devendra Banhart over a year ago, I didn't realize that I would be listening to a musical revolution. His first album was raw and earnest. It was a home recording. It was a diamond in the rough. Now we have the first real album. "Rejoicing In The Hands" is the great Devendra Banhart album that we have been waiting for. After a year of non-stop touring and writing, Devendra had over fifty songs to cherry pick for this album. He went in the studio with Michael Gira and recorded a classic album. The sound is so rich and deep. It is amazing. Songs that just sound like sketches on the first album, sound like great anthems on the new record. Devendra has utilized a group of musicians that stay true to his vision. There are more strings on certain songs. Devendra's hero, Vashti Bunyan, even shows up on one song here. This is an amazing record all the way through. This is a man to see live and buy all his records. When many musical fads will have faded, I will still be listening to Devendra Banhart. A total original.