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Devendra Banhart
Rejoicing in the Hands

For those who don’t know Devendra Banhart is in his early 20’s, is on the Young God Label (run by former Swan, Michael Gira) and records only on a four track.

Rejoicing in the Hands is a bit different from his previous two records; Oh me oh my… and the Black Babies ep, mainly because 1) he recorded the album in a studio, 2) different instruments, other than an acoustic guitar have been used (albeit sparingly) and 3) there’s a guest vocalist, Vashti Bunyan (basically the 60’s version of Banhart)

Musically, however there aren’t any big changes, the naivety is still there (there are songs about soups and beards), same the awkwardness and one still has the impression that every song is recorded in one take. Although these may give a negative impression of Rejoicing… it definitely isn’t, in fact to say that this album is prefect is an understatement as each and every song is well crafted and very melodic. Highlights here include opener This is the way and Todo Los Dolores. Possibly this is the album of the year.