Devendra Banhart, 'Rejoicing in the Hand

IC Wales

by Christopher Rees, The Western Mail

Every once in a while a voice emerges that is so unique that you can't help but become spellbound by its charms.

San Franciscan hobo Devendra Banhart has one such voice. His dexterous acoustic finger-picking ain't half bad either.

From the very first note of opening track This Is The Way, he transports the listener back to the psychedelic folk atmosphere of the 1960s when singer-songwriters like Marc Bolan, Donovan, Bert Jansch and Tim Buckley ruled.

His songs seem to float around on a summery breeze that intoxicates the senses and gently seduces the ears.

His delivery is delicately magical and intimately effective as you hang on every word of his quivering voice.

Both lighthearted and full of deep substance songs like This Beard is for Stobhan and Will is my Friend move effortlessly from carefree whimsy to breathtaking beauty while See Saw and album closer Autumn Child are simply heartbreaking.

With these 16-songs representing just half of the 32-tracks recorded (another album Nino Rojo will be released in September) this album marks the discovery of a real talent and the beginning of what will surely become a fascinating musical journey.

4 out of 5