Making it big underground - artists who haven't sold out yet

Standford Daily | by Bonnie Johnson

Devendra Banhart

Formerly an art student in San Francisco, Devendra Banhart is perfect in his role as the new darling of the acoustic lo-fi scene. His eccentric, pared-down folk style makes it difficult to tell when he’s being tongue-in-cheek and when he means business (if he ever does), but it’s hard not to love the queries addressed to animals and the finger-picking backed by tambourine. As a companion to spring’s “Rejoicing in the Hands,” Banhart has released “Niño Rojo,” the highlight of which is the love song “At the Hop” (it sounds nothing like whatever you imagine you would hear at the fabled “hop”). Banhart performed at this year’s South by Southwest showcase. He is currently on tour in Europe.