Devendra Banhart: Niño Rojo

Just Add Noise

Beautiful creativity in simplistic form...

Without a doubt, Devendra Banhart's two album releases of 2004 are among the best of the best. Beginning earlier this year with Rejoicing In The Hands and now the follow up Niño Rojo, both comprised of recordings done at the same sessions, a new, fresh, young face has been brought to the folk world.

No less whimsical or honest, this record doesn't break as much new ground as the original, but that's not to say it's of any lower quality. Just with the amount of attention Banhart has gotten this year, it's more of a companion piece to Rejoicing than a real breakthrough.

As you found out with Rejoicing, Banhart's music is the perfect combination of catchy guitar picking, irresistibly charming voice and lyrics that range from entertaining to nonsensical, and this album is no different. While the melodys hook from the very first note, Banhart's unmatched lyrical writing is what puts him in a league all his own. "Little yellow spider laughin' at the snow / maybe that spider knows somethin' that I don't know / 'cause I'm goddamn cold."

Beautiful creativity in simplistic form, just a man with his guitar, voice, thoughts and feelings (along with a bit of help from his friends Vetiver and a cover of Ella Jenkins' Wake Up, Little Sparrow.) That's all Devendra Banhart needs to turn the world on it's collective ear. If you don't have these, get them now!