Akron/Family | review | Joshua Errett

a band that embraces found-sounds as much as folk traditions

With three albums' worth of material from which to choose, Brooklyn's Akron/Family go with the hushed "Before and Again" as their debut song. And based on the rest of the Akron/Family album, the choice was well considered. Some parts electronic and more parts soft acoustic guitar, the song proves to be a fitting introduction for a band that embraces found-sounds as much as folk traditions. While the rest of the album doesn't quite impress as much as the opener, Akron/Family do weave an intriguing spell on their debut. Perhaps the most noticeable hurdle for Akron/Family is melody, which is sometimes downplayed to a fault. But given the four-piece can be heard banging on their chests during "Rainforest," maybe conventions like melody are not such a concern. With that in mind, Akron/Family makes for a pleasant, though not entirely memorable, listening experience.