It sure is different and demands to be heard

Beginning with a humming vocal reminiscent of Crash Test Dummies, Akron/Family steps back from other comparisons with a noodled indie rock flair that's typically reserved for outright nutty geniuses mad with musical clarity. It's as if Americana and roots rock are filtered through alternative rock's creativity and found its way onto the analog tapes that Akron/Family assembled. At times it sways into utter madness with samples whirling about as vocals collapse into themselves. Then it switches gears and becomes catchy with harmonies that you'd expect from a chart-topper. Then in goes the gear shift into reverse and it all goes back to this side of eclectic. It sure is different and demands to be heard by not just your everyday average John Doe but producers should be warned this album will insist that you attempt to digest all its many wanton sounds.