Slightly Confusing To A Stranger | kaleb

thinking of you, there's lightning bolts in my chest

"thinking of you, there's lightning bolts in my chest" Young God Records, and Michael Gira for that matter, has crafted their own unique corner of "folk(lore)" over the past few years (in the music released and their packaging) and much has been made over Akron/Family, the latest young gods. While Akron/Family feel right at home on this roster of success (Angels of Light, Devendra Banhart), they throw in their very own instrumental ingredients (hear the 'spaceship landing' opening of "Part of Corey") to separate themselves from the immediate family. And Ryan Vanderhoof, the main source of vocals, sings with such a soothing presence you'll likely want to invite him over to get you to sleep on restless evenings. The gentle creek of "things" accompany some tracks (see: "Italy" for many embedded, random sounds.. .spoons maybe? Gira is credited with "change"), as if the band is playing while seated on grandmothers rockers. You will not pick it all up on the first listen (it may take five full rotations) - I even hid this one for about 3 months out of fear of not quite describing it correctly… and still I fail to grasp the fragile, yet intense combination, these four young men have placed before us. The album artwork is a great match, images from the 18th century wonder, The Cabinet of Natural Curiosities (Albertus Seba) including the bizarre cover image of a face crafted from various shells, roots and other organic elements. The original 500+ page book is well worth seeking as well just to say you've seen it. If you're into this album, or vice-versa, I strongly suggest Static Films on the Bluesanct label. Classic, just give this album the space and attention it requires. "and you find your body in between the waves… a sonic haven"