Mi and L’au | Review

Dream Magazine | George Parsons

they make some sweetly, earthly, and achingly beautiful music together

Issue # 6 Fall 05 Mi and L’au Mi and L’au (Young God) She is Mi, she is Finnish; he is L’au from France. They met in Paris, and they make some sweetly earthly and achingly beautiful music together. Delicate acoustic organic instrumentation. He sings less often, and sounds ghostly, soft spoken and Nick Drake-like; a humble narrator confessing. Her singing sounds a bit like a younger warmer Finnish Suzanne Vega crossed with Brigitte Fontaine. Adding up the small details; the shape of light seeping through a room, the movement of the leaves as they worship the sun; and seeing it all at last as sacred. Feeling alive, mortal, compassionate and loving, as they pass out secrets and keys to the bewildered and bewitched. Gently beguiling folk lullabies for the end of the world.