Akron/Family & Angels of Light | review

Independent (UK) on Sunday | Luiza Sauma

psychedelic-pastoral gem

Nov 7/05 4 stars of 5 Akron/Family & Angels of Light For his latest trick Michael (Angels of Light) Gira - producer, musician and record label boss - recorded an album in nine days with his latest bearded protégés Akron/Family. The result is a rough-hewn, psychedelic-pastoral gem, full of beautifully warm, shambolic harmonies and driven by an almost Beatles-esque passion for experimentation that often borders on silliness. Case in point: "Raising the Sparks", which crams 10 songs into four minutes, from thumping rock-folk to cult-like chanting ('ya ya ya ya!") and screaming gospel. From the man who discovered Devendra Banhart, I would expect nothing less.