Angles of Light & Akron/Family | Review | ellen

indefinable but in a magnificent way

November '05 A kind of bizarre split album this is, with Akron/Family doing half the album on their own, and half with Michael Gira, AKA Angels of Light. Conceptual indeed. And the result, is on the whole, indefinable but in a magnificent way. It’s very much rock music of a proportion most bands are scared of and most listeners need more of. It's twelve tracks which cover so much territory you kind of forget where the first song began (for the record, it’s quite a bleak, (almost doomy?) blues number). Then there’s the noise intro of ‘Moment’, which promptly descends into a singalong, uplifting country rock anthem (go with me on this) before reverting back to some noise. It’s hard to describe an album which, when you try to define it, starts to sound crass when put simply into words. Surely that’s an achievement? Oh, and they cover Bob Dylan in a way that he is surely happy with. Or he would be if he hasn’t heard it already. If I could’ve listened to this a few more goes before review deadlines were looming, it may have got a higher score, although for now I’m impressed enough.