Mi and L'au | Review

Arthur Magazine

songs sung by a Finnish waif in the key of air

From "C & D" CD Review Column December 05 C: Like old weird Tom Waits fairground songs sung by a Finnish waif in the key of air. And accompanied by a humble-voiced post-Nic Drake haunted gentleman from France. These are closely recorded, delicate songs‹that is there's tape hiss and falling rain and throat clearing‹written to each other, based on a lived natural intimacy. D: Reminds me of Mojave 3, when Rachel sang. C: Mi and L'au apparently lead quite the reclusive, romantic life together in the Finnish woods. Life beyond electricity. This seems to be happening a lot lately: younger musicians and artists retreating, or withdrawing, to rural settings, refusing to engage modern civilization except when necessary. Little Wings, Brightblack Morning Light definitely. But nature is also providing the setting for more promotional films and photographs: see Cat Power's live DVD, and Sleater-Kinney's The Woods, and Growing's work, and Six Organs of Admittance and Devendra and Feathers album covers, and stuff from the New Energy movement people, and these photos of Pearls and Brass. D: I think she's whispering along with her singing. A secret recording technique that I think Jim Morrison did sometimes. Or I like to imagine he did. More time riding horses and picking buttercups. Less inner rage.