Akron/Family & Angels of Light | Review | leah

Year end best of 50 list #21

In the '60s, it was cool to be a respectable musician and look like you were having fun doing it, but for the past 15 years music fans have been witness to good artists who fashionably downplayed excitement about their craft‹live and in the studio‹and projected disaffected aloofness and irony. Akron/Family and Angels of Light are artists who broke through that mold and reintroduced us to candor. This split LP featured those crazy freak folksters doing what they do best‹wildly harmonizing beneath walls of noise and catchy, synched guitar and drums. Flawed as they were, thanks to live recordings and unintrusive production, these songs were truly  enrapturing on the whole for both their realistically human qualities and their unbridled ecstasy. When bands are this excited about what they do (and do so well), the fervor catches on. Tiny Mix Tapers were smitten: we grabbed ahold of this record and let it show us a little bit of freak-folk heaven.