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Finnish folk, so hot right meow

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Mi and L'au Tour North America, Meow

With Valentine's Day approaching, I offer you a Young God Records love story: Mi was a Finnish girl and L'au was French boy, and they met on the streets of Paris and fell in love. Then, they moved to a little cabin deep in the woods of Finland to record an album, finished up the album in Brooklyn with the help of M. Gira [TMT Review], and then stuck around the states to tour, which is what they're doing now. Mi is a mothers-lock-your-Finnish folk-fan-sons-inside siren, with long blonde hair and a sad and gorgeous singing voice; and L'au is not only a gentle soul, but specifically the gentle soul that Devendra Banhart wrote "Gentle Soul" about. When you see him, you can say to yourself, oh, now I know the guy Devendra was talking about. That's kind of cool. Personally, though, I would be more curious about meeting Siobahn, who that beard was for. Another good thing about Mi and L'au is that any conversation about them is a great opportunity to play the Cat Game from Super Troopers. Like, your friend Matt says, "That Mi and L'au record is supposed to be good," and then you say, "Finnish folk, so hot right meow."

They'll be accompanied on some dates by Akron "was that three fellas or one fella with three beards?" /Family, and later in the tour by Born Heller, Josephine Foster's band. They're also playing ArthurBall in February, which always makes me think of tether ball, and will probably be equally fun.