Mi And L'au | Review | Abel Folgar

Somewhere in Finland a couple makes beautiful music together.

Thursday. Jan 12, 

It's true: somewhere in Finland, a couple is making beautiful music together. Music that is sentimental, atmospheric, and pleasing to the palate. Whimsical, guided by a childlike innocence... such is the work of French L'au and Finnish Mi. It's kinda hard to say that this stuff is folk or even folky yeah, some qualities are there, but they are certainly shaped by their humble surroundings. If anything, L'au's experience in soundtrack work is evident in the fantasy landscapes of the instrumentation, though far from a commercially sounding description, there is an incredible sense of tenderness, even in the strange sadness that permeates the music.

Not depressive sadness nor nostalgic: it's like an organism knowing its fate (i.e. eventual end/death), forced into creating something completely beautiful and honest so that it may live well beyond the scheduled end. "I've Been Watching You," "Andy," and "Christmas Soul" are delicious examples of their work, as is the linked mp3 of "Older." Great debut album: makes me wanna cuddle with my lady and pull slowly and softly on her lips with my teeth.