Mi and L'au | Review

Philadelphia Enquirer | Steve Klinge

full of implications, mysteries, and often, beauty

January 13 06

In Mi and L'au's songs, the silences carry as much weight as the sounds. Recorded in an isolated cabin in Finland - Mi is Finnish, L'au is French - the couple's self-titled debut builds on little more than Mi's whispery, childlike soprano and L'au's Nick Drake-like acoustic guitar picking and his occasional intimate vocals. With overdubs from members of Akron/Family, piano, strings, bells, and mandolin provide incidental color, but everything moves haltingly, with lots of pauses and space. Similar to Lisa Germano or Low, Mi and L'au make isolated, barely-there music, full of implications, mysteries, and often, beauty. "A fallen star is pretty, but then it disappears," they sing together in "Philosopher," and they could be describing their own brief songs.