Mi and L'au | Review

The Providence Phoenix - RI | Jim Macnie

they arrive with an indie badge of honor

Jan 13/06

A Finnish model meets a French guitarist in Paris. They get romantic and decamp to her homeland, a place known for its splendid isolation. They opt for the most splendid part of that isolation, heading off to a rural cabin to articulate the sounds of silence. They achieve their goal; on their self-titled disc on Young God, Mi & L'au prove to be one of the most graceful and alluring acts in the freak folk scene. Their dreamy tunes are defined by the genuflections to nuance that top the singers' agenda. Waxing delicate usually comes with a host of travails ‹ it's a short walk from dreamy to dozing. But Mi & L'au's songs grip you as they whisper their way through some truly low-key dramas. And they arrive with an indie badge of honor: L'au is the "gentle soul" in the Devendra Banhart song of the same name. Fans of Joanna Newsom, Diana Darby, and Lisa Germano should investigate immediately...