Mi and L'au | Review

Philadelphia Daily News | Jonathan Takiff

spare, fragile, at turns icy cold and warm

Jan 13/06

Go minimalist with Mi and L'Au

What's the musical equivalent of hearts a-fluttering and wind whistling in the trees? Where's the sonic balm that can soothe what ails you?

The delicate, thoughtful whispers of Mi and L'Au surely fill these bills. She (Mi) is from Finland; he (L'Au) is French. The duo met in Paris, where they fell in love and co-mingled creatively with kindred spirit Devendra Banhart (whose song "Gentle Soul" was written for L'Au).

Nowadays their music is crafted in a rustic cabin in the Finnish woods, and it surely sounds it - spare, fragile, at turns icy cold and warm as a roaring fireplace.

Devotees of the minimalist, soul-ruminating school that's also given us Nick Drake, Will Oldham and Damien Rice know that this is music best appreciated in a "near field" setting - either on earphones or in an intimate concert space.