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Exceptional from start to finish

May 06 
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In the Maybe World (CD, Young God, Progressive pop)

One of our favorite artists of all time, Lisa Germano has yet to be properly rewarded for exquisite and remarkable music. Germano has been blowing the minds of a small group of dedicated followers for years now...but the public at large just doesn't seem to notice her. This is probably because Lisa's music is far too intelligent and cerebral for most listeners. Her last album (Lullaby for Liquid Pig) was one of the greatest albums ever recorded...but for the most part, it fell upon deaf ears. In the Maybe World is another magnificent collection of songs. The melodies are personal and the arrangements are purposely intricate. Lisa's voice is soft, fragile, and incredibly focused. Instead of being a vast departure, Maybe World is a continuation of ideas from previous albums. Lisa Germano has refined her music to the point where she has no competitors. Her sound is completely unique and easily stands out in a world where there are so many generic carbon copy artists. Maybe World features some of the most beautiful melodies we have ever heard from this enchanting lady. Fantastic compositions include "The Day," "Golden Cities" (our favorite), "Wire," "Except for the Ghosts," and "After Monday." Exceptional from start to finish. 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (Rating: 6+ (highest rating))