Lisa Germano

Montreal Gazette | Jordan Zivitz

Gorgeous, terrifying, and unlike any other music in existence

July 20/'06

In the Maybe World
Young God
Rating 4 1/2 out of 5

Thank heaven for the voices rattling around inside Lisa Germano's head, or we might never know there is such perverse joy in torment. Self-lacerating without being self-pitying, Germano reports from the darkest corners of solitude in an emotionally wrecked whisper as seductive as any voice you'll ever hear. And while she sounds happier than usual, her caustic past provides a twisted yardstick. More lucid and stark than the shape-shifting hallucinations on 2003's astonishing Lullaby for Liquid Pig, Maybe World often sounds like it was constructed with toys from a child's treasure chest. But Red Thread's profane kiss-off chorus is only the most obvious indicator that these lullabies are for traumatized souls, not for innocents. Gorgeous, terrifying, and unlike any other music in existence.