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The return of the new incredible string band


Meek Warrior (Young God)
4 of 5 stars

Few have chosen to travel the rocky path that runs between the outskirts of folk and the darkened edges of improv jazz, the journey being too perilous for all but the most robust souls. Brooklyn based Akron/Family are among that small band of fearless adventurers, abetted this second time around by Chicago free-jazz drummer extraordinaire Hamid Drake. Recording seven  tracks in two days while suffering from sleep deprivation, the result is a feverish set that borders on near delirium. Nine minute-plus opener Blessin Force sets the tone, swooping from percussive tribalism into happy clappng and on to honking skonkery. Other highlights include Zeppesque Gone Beyond, the brass-noise onslaught of The Rider (Dolphin Song) and the a cappella mantra Love and Space, all of which ensure that Meek Warrior's beauteous power will echo far beyond those pesky end of year lists.