Arthur magazine

They were awesome, in complete uni-mind synch

September 06

C & D: Two guys reason together about some new records. (from Arthur  24/Oct. 2006)

Note: C & D is a dialogue presented as a series of record reviews, and intended to be read straight through.

"Meek Warrior"
(Young God)

C: [Looking at publicity photo of band] I'm surprised these guys haven't featured in Arthur yet. They appear to meet many if not all of this magazine's apparent requirements for coverage.

D: What, they have beards?

C: Yes. I think the magazine is pretty clearly a beards-only policy.  It's pretty clearly where the underground beard was re-born. Or should I say, re-grown. Remember Alan Moore on the cover of Arthur No. 4?

D: That was a beard to be reckoned with. No razors and shaving cream in the Moore household!

C: Total  "Lord of the Beards".  On the other hand, Alan's finger armor stylings haven't caught on yet.

D: I will keep an eye out for the beard as we check out these records today. I assume there will be ladies, too?

C: Yes, of course.

D: Who presumably are not of the bearded variety.

C: One never knows, does one? [arches eyebrow meaningfully] Anyways, Akron/Family not only have some beardage, they have four-part harmonies, great cascading drumflows, sprawling late Trane skronk, and that's all on the first track! I saw these guys once in L.A., they were like a devotional Animal Collective.

D: [smiling upon hearing the refrain "Gone, gone, gone/gone completely beyond."] Ah yes. Beyond. One of my favorite places.

C: [ignoring, continuing]  in Oshkosh overalls, without the echo delays. Like Lubavitchers gone Sun Ra or Ya Ho Wha‹

D: Say wha?

C: [snobbishly] Those who know, know. [continuing] They were awesome, in complete uni-mind synch. The audience made backward-and-forward ocean ripples and sounds at their command:  "Shhh, shhh."  It was beautiful.