Akron/Family | Review

Caught in the Cross Fire (UK) | No Author Credited

it's a remarkable and artistically compelling listen

Sept 06

If you are a fan of the stranger, slightly unhinged side of psychedelic indie such as The Polyphonic Spree and Broken Social Scene the Akron/Family are going to be right up your street.  If you are not then be warned, Meek Warrior is some strange shit. Souding like it's influenced by a hundred different bands from The Velvet Underground to Pink Floyd with a little Bob Dylan thrown in for good measure, it's a remarkable and artistically compelling listen and with the ever growing mountain of run of the mill indie-fads churning out the same old shit, that in itself makes Meek  Warrior definitely worth a go.  It's possible however that on hearing the album in its entirety, you will sit and wonder whether what you just heard was unintentionally fantastic and a result of pure accident or whether it was simply a conscious endeavour stabbing at unique aspirations.  Whatever, every now and then a little mystery is a good thing.