Love Is Simple | Review

Chris Parker | Philadelphia Weekly

warm melody and lush harmonies

This hard-to-categorize Brooklyn quartet subscribe to a free jazz approach that spins off in mind-bending directions as their drooling, wall-eyed live shows attest. They’re capable of a droning “Sonic Youth tuning” kind of squall, as on the nine-minute “Blessing Force” off last year’s Meek Warrior. But they also can forge warm melody and lush harmonies, as their 2005 self-titled debut demonstrates. They’re preparing to release Love Is Simple, produced by, of all people, Andrew Murdock (Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold)—more evidence of their iconoclasm. “Now we have three guitar players and two drummers,” says Miles Seaton, of the three temps added to the touring roster. “We just screw it up and keep reinventing.”