Love Is Simple Blurb

We've already mentioned digging the gorgeous cover heart for Akron/Family's forthcoming Love Is Simple.

 Softies we are, though, could've sworn it was made of cotton when we gave love to the Fam's new jam "Phenomena" last week. Should've paid more attention at Bodies..., or when we trekked to the Mutter Museum to see that two-ton colon, 'cause it turns out the image is straight-up reproduction of Robert Clark's photo of a human heart. Compare. It looks pillowy because the fat and extra tissue was removed -- that's right, pure angel-hair blood vessels. The actual naked heart's housed at the Mutter in Philadelphia, but the Akron boys spotted the Clark pic on the February 2007 cover of National Geographic (nerds!), fell in love with it, and then after months of searching located the photographer to get his permission to have it adorn the new record. And now we're curious about how they decided on Meek Warrior's interstellar Krishna thing. And since we're talking Meek, here's a blast from the not so distant past...