Fire on Fire | Review | David Nadelle

screams realness and authenticity

Young God Releases EP by Fire on Fire; Metallica Withdraw Hastily Filed
Lawsuit Against Young God’s “Fight Fire With Fire” But Will Continue to
Contest the “Master of Puppets” Children’s Show. Hetfield: “There’s no
friggin’ way we’re backing down on this one, dude!” 

It’s been said that everyone in the world has a twin... except Michael Gira.
From early ramblings sidewalking around Europe, kibbutzing around Israel,
and no-waving around New York, Gira has lived a life full of eye-opening
exploits; many good and some, I’m guessing, not so hot. Without going into
too many details (that you could find on your own anyway), it is sufficient
to say that the man’s “life experience” section on his CV runs a few reams

However, as unique an individual as he is and as venturesome as his life has
been, Gira’s taste in music has always been predictable. When it comes time
to sign acts to his Young God label, his choices range from the sublime to
the remarkably sublime. The latest troupe touched by the hand of Gira is
Fire on Fire, a five-piece nouveau bluegrass band that have that same Young
God feel to them: southern gothic, down-hominess with swelling almost
gospel-touched unison singing... you know the drill. Fire on Fire screams
realness and authenticity (or they at least fake it marvelously). Their
debut 5-song EP is out now, but not available at your reliable music

We’re all for the handsome, handmade sleeves that hold this divine disc
(created by Fire on Fire’s multi-talented warbler Colleen Kinsella), and we
will not be deterred by the limited number available (1000 copies only), but
knowing that the release is only purchasable exclusively at shows and on
Young God’s website, well, let’s just say that, as sure as sugar is sweet,
we’ll buy the EP, but damn you, Gira, Sir! This EP demands widespread
distribution and should be readily available all our favorite eateries and
knocking shops!

Easy peasy EPeasy:

1. Hangman
2. Liberty Unknown
3. My Lady Coffin
4. Amnesia
5. Three or More