Larkin Grimm - Parplar

The New York Times | Ben Ratliff

strange and deeply original

Combing through the singer-songwriter Larkin Grimm¹s strange and deeply original new record, ³Parplar² (Young God), you keep picking up rude shocks, some of them sung in a pleasant, cooing voice, over original and hypnotic combinations of different kinds of folk music. ³Oh Mama, I¹m a bad spirit, be my host,² she sings. And: ³My hooks are sharp, my heart is cold.² And:
³Damn the man in you.² And: ³Who told you you¹re going to be all right?
Well, they were wrong.²

A lot of her lyrical images (and the arrangement ideas, like mariachi brass with fingerpicked guitar and synthesizer) seem to come from dreams. But her dreams aren¹t utopian; they¹re as complicated as real life.