Larkin Grimm / Parplar

Mojo Magazine (UK) | Sophie Harris

Spooky folkster on an unconventional journey

As excellent as Michael Gira's Young God label is, you may be wondering when
exactly this "weirde folk" well will run dry. On the basis of this record
from 26 year old songstress Grimm, not any time soon. Born into a cult and
raised in a commune in the Appalachians, Grimm won a scholarship to study
art at Yale (where she was a member of Dirty Projectors) before breaking off
to do her own thing - and here it is. There are spindly, twitchy folk songs,
which sound almost like spells, but Grimm's velvety voice makes it a
deliciously sensual trip too. Co-produced by Gira, these intimate
arrangements feel like you could be sitting in the same room as Grimm and
co. Whether you'd want to be is another question altogether.