Plan B Magazine UK | JESSE DARLIN’

Her story is dazzling

She’s this beautiful hippy punk who looks like Frida Kahlo and comes on with all these soft voiced, ferocious songs and all this visceral and sensual stuff about healing and feeling and dealing and humbucking around any of these self-styled fairy-hobo kids with their self-styled stories and grand narratives. Her story is dazzling: she dropped out of Yale, but she went back after hanging with shamanesses and eco warriors; she sleeps in a tent and books her own tours. Elsewhere, it’s asserted that she’s accompanied by “ a lazy band of loose-limbed artists, bohemians, actors, perverts and degenerates” (including Michael Gira, who co-produced this album) You can hear them all whooping and murmuring and fingerpicking in the background. Thank god, though, that the music almost lives up to the narrative; and that's really saying something. In places, it’s better, and I’m glad of it: lush, Juicy, toothy, elemental post-folk with occasional astonishing lyrics.