Larkin Grimm - Parplar /

If there's one thing you can always count on from the Young God is a steady supply of artists that the general public is unaware of and would ultimately not understand.  

Produced by Michael Gira (Akron/Family, Angels of Light, Swans), Parplar is (not surprisingly) an odd and perplexing album. At her young age, Larkin Grimm already has an interesting life
history. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee but later moved to Thailand
before returning to the United States to continue her education at Yale which point she became a member of the ultimately confusing
art band The Dirty Projectors. She then recorded three solo albums before
hooking up with Gira to record Parplar. So...who does Larkin Grimm sound
like? Actually, a great many artists from the past ten years or so and
yet...there are strange qualities in her music that don't really sound like
anyone else. Her vocals are particularly interesting. Sometimes they sound
smooth and conventional...while at other times they are downright bizarre.
It is difficult trying to describe this music because there are very few
good reference points. Folks seeking easy music should be forewarned. These
tracks will take many repeated spins to fully sink in. Our initial favorites
are "Ride That Cyclone," "Durge," "All The Pleasures," and "Hope For The
Hopeless." Intriguing and compelling. (Rating: 5++)