Larkin Grimm – Parplar | Richard Foster

Yet another blinding release from Young God

Posted on Tuesday, December 16 

... possibly America’s greatest
record label at the moment? I wouldn’t bet against it. This LP showcases the
considerable talents of Larkin Grimm, who is a singular young lady by all
accounts. Simply put, you should listen to this LP just for the voice alone.
Grimm can hold you in a spell with her brilliant imaginative ramblings; and
she doesn’t half come up with some rum subject matter…That she also writes
brilliant tracks is a massive bonus.

Once past the quiet opener They Were Wrong, Grimm expands upon a formidable
array of fantastic notions. Ride That Cyclone and Blond and Golden Johns are
warped lullabies of considerable menace, with mention of broken hearts,
sexual fantasies and utter destruction, all topped off with the merest hint
that Grimm imagines herself to be a witch. The jaunty Mina Minou is
similarly spooky.

It’s not all dark, Dominican Rum and My Justine are jovial enough, (with the
odd hint of Scissor Sister daftness) and Be My Host has considerable charm,
despite the woozy tempo and impenetrable mystery of the song itself. To be
honest it’s an album that - for all it’s formidable strangeness - is
incredibly accessible and poppy.

Actually, it’s utterly brilliant.

An early Xmas treat I’d say…