Fire on Fire

As haunted as Sleepy Hollow and woodsy as a Carter Family reunion, Fire on Fire hum with ancient things transmuted through all-acoustic instrumentation and a marvelously un-modern chemistry.

Deeply felt, highly personal and
eloquent as a homespun waltz, their full-length debut, The Orchard (out
December 10 on Young God Records), shimmers with its own magic. Raw,
beautifully organic voices burrow into heavy places with a sweet step
redolent of Sacred Harp spirituals, '70s British folk-rock and American
greats like Malvina Reynolds, Nathan Moore and Fred Neil. Their sound is an
incantation that makes the air crackle slightly and sends ripples under your
skin. Fire On Fire burns to the touch, but in a lovely, wholly special way.
Ornate yet roughhewn, infinitely sturdy and delicate as fog, their music
hovers outside the norm, beckoning one to wander beyond. Go, you won't be