Live in Limbo Podcast with Michael Gira

Michael Gira is the founding member of Swans. After three decades of challenging music of which remains entirely humanistic in nature. In 2010, Swans returned to the music scene and created three albums, each earning more acclaim than the last. With their 2014 release “To Be Kind” they continue on this track with high praise from the likes of NME, Spin and Pitchfork.

  • The Needle Drop’s Anthony Fantano gave “To Be Kind” a perfect rating, while LiL gave it a 9.7/10
  • On knowing when a track is right. Hint, it’s never right!
  • Why “To Be Kind” clicks with today’s generation and society
  • Gira listened to the first Jimmy Hendrix album on acid
  • Performing at NXNE with St. Vincent and collaborating with her
  • Gira highly recommends listening to Savages

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