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Probably the last time you’ll see them this way…
August 29th, 2016 David Fisch

You can say you’ve been to the Eight Wonders of the World. You can say you’ve gone skydiving. You can say you’ve taken a SpaceX flight to the outer reaches of the atmosphere. Can you really say you’ve experienced a Swans show, though?

Okay, so all of the thrilling things above are pretty cool, but there’s nothing like a Swans concertexperience. The incredibly experimental rock group headed by the one-and-only Michael Gira will be performing this Friday, September 2nd, at the always-excellent Fonda Theatre right here in Hollywood, and while tickets are currently available for this all-ages event, I bet they won’t be for long

If you’ve seen Swans in any formation over the course of their thirty-year history, then you know you really have no idea what you’re in for at the show, and that’s one of the most refreshing and rare feelings in this day and age.

Only in the last decade has Swans regrouped into a new and synergistic band, producing four records that ultimately melt into each other over the course of about nine hours, and with this year’s opus, The Glowing Man, being touted as the last release featuring this iteration of the band, that likely means that this Friday’s show will also be the last time you can see these members on stage together.

There’s no telling where Swans will go after their elongated tour is complete and this iteration of the band is put out to pasture, so you’d be a fool to pass up the chance to not only witness Swans live but also see this particular band together for (maybe) the last time.

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