Stack Glowing Man Review

Swans - The Glowing Man
by Chris Murry

If Francis Bacon needed inspiration to enter even darker territory when putting oil to canvas, he’d have Swans at ear-bleeding levels. 

This isn’t an album, it’s a séance, as you’ll no doubt experience in all 25 minutes of Cloud of Unknowing. The wolves of doom are breathing at your hind and you're engulfed in an erotically moreish, cinematic and intoxicating tunnel of desire. Then there’s the broken cabaret that is The World Looks Red/The World Looks Black, a leaning tower of blackened glass descending upon the cranium.

Folks, let’s be honest: every now and then you desire a definitive soundtrack to the end of days, focusing on your own. Look no further. It’ll challenge your projected sanity and envelop your soul, as all good music should. It’s not for squares, nor the faint of heart – it’s instead genetically designed for warriors atop skeletal steeds on a mission to bizarrely divulge secrets and fears. F-cking incredible. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest store and purchase immediately as a matter of urgency most vital. (Mute/Create/Control)