Sample Story From M. Gira's The Egg

  • The Condemned Man:


          The Condemned Man: I question if I should be ashamed, but then again I question everything now. I’m presuming that’s the reason I was put here (to question and to be ashamed), though there’s no evidence to lead me to that conclusion. I don’t know why or how I got here, but I’m relatively certain that I am here and that they are looking in at me. Then again, in my circumstance one begins to doubt the reality of everything, even the existence of their mind, even the doubting itself. My mind is the thought itself, and the question is the corrosive acid that has been poured into my skull.   I suppose that I’m comfortable, in my way, since I’m fed and I have plenty of water. The fact that I’m compelled to suck both food and water from a tube in full unyielding view of my onlookers could be considered a source of humiliation, but I’ve long ago accepted abjection as a necessary state of mind if I’m ever going to successfully strip away superfluities and get to the essential truth, though it must be said that I have no idea what this truth is......

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