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  • LIVE REPORT: Swans (The Quietus)

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    Toby Cook gets "sucked down the gloriously uncomfortable rabbit hole once again" as he witnesses two and a half hours of both intensity and restraint at the Roundhouse in London It starts with no more than a murmur. A low, soft hiss, an almost imperceptible resonance that, whilst muted and hushed, seems to charge the very air around you – the first few, almost unnoticed drops of rain and the soft bristle of static that mutes the breeze and gently prickles your skin; the kind of deceptive change in atmosphere and infinitely building, barely tangible sense of complete physical unease that tells you that somewhere, miles and miles out to sea, it's starting to change course, the storm is rolling in – it's coming straight at you and there's nothing you can do about it. You think, you fear, that you know what's about to arrive; you brace, you steady yourself, and you wait for the full, righteous power of the tempest to come crashing into you and to consume you totally. That's how it starts: Not with a bang but with a drone, barely audible at first, but deeply unsettling nonetheless, as Swans' perpetually shirt-adverse percussionist Thor Harris takes......

  • New Swans Tour Dates

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    Just announced a bunch of new Swans dates for 2015, including shows in China, Japan, Australia, the Big Ears Festival in Tennessee and Festival Nrmal in Mexico City.  You can find a full list of tour dates HERE....


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    A remastered edition of SWANS debut studio album, ‘Filth’, is out now on vinyl for the 1st time in years. ‘Filth’ was released in 1983, the album was recently described by Clash magazine as “a brutally exhaustive work swimming in a thematic pool of audacious abjection” and by The Village Voice as “no wave with five years of practice, too messy for mysticism and too funny for suicide.” The vinyl edition of ‘Filth’ will come with two reproduction live posters and is the first in a series of remastered catalogue reissues....

  • Michael Gira/Swans will be curating Mouth to Mouth program at Le Guess Who Fest

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    Michael Gira/Swans will be curating the Mouth to Mouth program of the Le Guess Who? fest in Utrecht, NL this Nov. It is set to feature Wire, Silver Apples, Savages, Ben Frost, Xiu Xiu, as well as a 24-Hour Dronefest that will include William Basinski, Stephen O’Malley, Tim Hecker and more.   Tickets and more info here:   ...

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