Devendra Banhart | Rejoicing in the Hands | Review

Melodies are the real draw here...

Sounding very much like a cross between Donovan and Marc Bolan ,Devendra Banhart is a unique new talent with a unique vocal style. This young Texan has a sound that is different from anyone else...and yet strangely familiar. His quivering voice is remarkably similar to Bolan's and yet he maintains his own style throughout Rejoicing in the Hands . Melodies are the real draw here, with wonderfully flowing, lilting melodies that extend far beyond the realm of normal songwriting. Banhart is easily one of the most original artists we've heard in some time. He isn't trying to follow trends...or to have a "hit sound"...or to be cool...or anything of the sort. Instead, this young fellow is playing straight from his heart...and his sincerity shines through clearly on each of these sixteen songs. Many of these tunes sound remarkably similar to the material on Tyrannosaurus Rex 's criminally under rated Unicorn and Beard of Stars albums. There is a strangely calming quality to this music that is difficult to describe. Every tune is a mystic keeper, but particular standout tracks include "This is the Way," "The Body Breaks," "When the Sun Shone on Vetiver," and "Autumn's Child." A fantastic album from start to finish. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (Rating: 6)