Oh me Oh My

The Guardian | by John Robinson

John Robinson looks forward to some artful acts in 2004

It was with their customary insight that Oasis once cautioned "Don't put your life in the hands of a rock'n'roll band", but at this time of year, that's exactly what we ask. This, after all, is the season for looking ahead, and deciding which artists might be the ones in the coming year that might lighten our darkness. You might not want to trust them with your life, but here's some form to study for the months ahead.

Take a look at Devendra Banhart , for a start. A high voice. Some nice acoustic guitar. A close resemblance to John The Baptist. Essentially, half-Venezuelan Banhart is the only bearded eccentric you're likely to need in the upcoming 12 months. Formerly attached to Michael Gira's Young God label, he has just made the move to XL (home of the White Stripes), where he plans a Hebrew hip-hop project, and will hopefully find a wider audience. In short, a beautiful oddball, and you should hear his album Oh Me Oh My