Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home

Performing Songwriter Magazine | by CLAY STEAKLEY

It’s weird and beautiful and great

Moody, plodding and strangely moving, Swans founder and all-around musical badass Michael Gira and friends in The Angels of Light have fashioned a piece of independent rock brilliance in Everything Is Good Here. Part Joy Division, part Lou Reed, part choir from hell, this record is somehow melodic and anti-melodic at the same time. With tunes like “Kosinski” touching on something between U2 and Peter Murphy and other broken, darkness-tinged songs like “The Family God” evoking Leonard Cohen, this record is as far-reaching in its sonic character as it is in emotion. It calls to mind Will Oldham and Lambchop, but more focused than the former and more ambitious than the latter. It’s weird and beautiful and great.